Danny Parmertor’s Family: ‘I Think About Him Every Day’

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CHARDON, Ohio--  "A lot of things remind me of him. I don't think that I've even gone an hour without thinking of him this past year," said Dominic Parmertor, of Chardon.

It's been one tough year for Parmertor.

"A struggle, that may be the best way to put it," said Parmertor.

Dom lost his brother, Danny Parmertor, 16, during the shooting at Chardon High School, almost one year ago, on Feb. 27.

"He was all sorts of things; he was great. He just had this personality that just made everyone happy," said Parmertor.

Danny had a laugh that was both infectious and distinctive.

"He just had this laugh.  It was just something that we have in our memories of Danny. And that was from a very young age. I think about him every day," said Ron Parmertor, Danny's uncle.

Danny would have graduated from Chardon High School this year.

Most likely, he would have gone on to study computers in college.

"Some days are easier. Others are just as painful. I think it depends on the mood you are in, the people you are around. Certain days, certain events.  For instance, we went to a wedding over the summer. Just knowing that Danny will never get that chance," added Ron.

But instead of being torn apart, the Parmertor family has knit together with the help of family and friends.

"He was actually my brother's friend, his name is Johnny and we got really close to each after my brother passed. Me and him both have music, it's something that we do almost every single day to cope," added Parmertor.

Or getting a new dog, with a special meaning and a special name.

"After this happened, my parents decided to get a dog. And not only did we get a dog, we got the biggest dog on the market. And we named her Halo because it was his favorite Xbox game. It was the last game he played, and it like resembles an angel, like a halo," added Parmertor.

And as the case continues in court, the Parmertors have leaned on the families of Demetrius Hewlin, 16, and Russell King, Jr., 17; the other two students killed in the school shooting.

"Just the events of the 27th has brought all of our families together. I didn't know any of the families or the kids or the parents before this.  But it needs to come to an end. Once it's done we, our family, can truly start to heal," added Ron.

Ron adds that the family plans to attend the Day of Remembrance planned on Wednesday.

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