Project Focuses on Transforming Neighborhood

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CLEVELAND -- Imagine trying to change a neighborhood with just a flick of a switch.  That's exactly what "Project Light Switch" aims to do in the Collinwood neighborhood on Cleveland's east side.

"Waterloo is the next neighborhood to come and rise in Cleveland," said Alan Glazen of "Project Light Switch."

Glazen is one of the visionaries behind the rebirth of the Collinwood neighborhood.

Glazen owns "ABC the Tavern" in Ohio City and his partners have acquired several properties along Waterloo Road.

He wants to transform the area into Cleveland's foremost district for food, music and entertainment.

He hopes other business owners will join "Project Light Switch."

"One good player on his own would probably fail there but six, seven, eight of them opening together simultaneously at the flip of a switch, turning on a neighborhood, a new entrainment district, Cleveland music and arts district, that's exciting," said Glazen.

Steve Schmoler is not only a drummer and a music lover, he's the chef and owner of "Crop Bistro" in Ohio City.

Schmoler is joining the effort to transform Collinwood by turning a former bank on Waterloo Street into "Crop Rocks and the Vinyl Vault."

"It's a rock and roll inspired restaurant which will be my version of kind of bar, food, pub ... real causal, very fun," Schmoler explained.

David Alexander owns a computer repair shop on Waterloo and believes "Project Light Switch" is just what the neighborhood needs.

"I think it's an excellent idea.  We don't have anything like that on the east side, everything is far west, Westlake, things like that," said Alexander.

If all goes according to plan, Glazen is hoping the light switch will be flipped on and all the projects will completed and open by the end of the year.