Speed Camera Relocating in Cleveland

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CLEVELAND -- The Cleveland Department of Public Safety has issued a notice involving a new location for a speed photo enforcement camera.

There are currently dozens of the red light and speed cameras in Cleveland.

This speed enforcement camera is installed at E. 45th and Woodland Avenue on the city’s east side.

But just the mention of another camera enforcement zone makes some drivers a little cranky.

“Yes, I have been caught by one," said Cathy Kunkel. “In fact, I got one and four days later my husband got one.”

Cathy is still upset by the $200 in tickets she and her husband had to pay.

She says she was traveling 23 mph in a school zone but it was after 9 a.m. and school started at 8:15 a.m.

“I was only three miles over and they nailed me,” said Cathy.

In this case, the “new” camera was actually removed from the 8800 block of Broadway near a busy intersection and repurposed to the four-lane stretch of road on Woodland Avenue.

Some drivers think they purposely pick long, open-lane streets where people might be more likely to speed.

“I think they specifically pick ‘em cause they know people will run there, but it could be safer, too, at the same time,” said Alex Vogel.

Right now drivers are only being notified of the location, but beginning on March 8 warnings will be issued.

Then starting on March 21, official violations will be sent to speeding drivers.

Drivers can dispute the tickets at Cleveland Municipal Court.