Car Owners Warned After Vandals Strike

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AKRON-- A warning tonight for car owners in a local community who park their cars on the street.  Within the past week, several cars have had their windows shot out.

At least 13 car owners have reported having their car windows shattered in the Highland Square area of Akron within the past week.

Cars on at least six streets were damaged with what police believe is a BB gun.

Brian Thomas has already fixed the driver's side window of his Honda minivan that was shattered Saturday night.

His car was parked on Maplewood Avenue in Akron as he was ready to take his daughter to a University of Akron basketball game.

"I told my daughter well, we're not gonna be able to head out for the game right now because we have a window out and she said that's funny, I was out shooting baskets about an hour ago and I heard a funny pop sound and I saw a car drive down the street real fast," he said.

One of Thomas' neighbors told police they saw a small beige or light brown sedan with two men inside around the time of the vandalism.

Police say at least a dozen other people reported having their car windows shot out too.

"It's frustrating. What's motivating people to do this? They're not breaking into the cars; they're just destroying the property for fun. They're getting their kicks out of it for whatever reason," he said.

"This is actually a nice street. It's a nice part of town and the school's right over there, so it's too bad, especially because I park on the street and my wife gets the garage," said Akron resident Dave Rich.

The vandalism was reported on streets in the Highland Square area of Akron.

Some neighbors say they received emails from other neighbors warning them about the incidents.

"It said essentially to be on the lookout, that people had reported that they had their car windows broken and the police said it appeared to be people shooting with BB guns," said resident Stuart Terrass.

"I park on the street and we've lived in the house for about a year and a half now and I haven't had any problems, but it makes me think twice about parking on the street," said Rich.

Akron police ask anyone who sees a suspicious vehicle in their neighborhood to call police.