Burglar Hits Church a Third Time

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CLEVELAND-- The Christian Fellowship Center on Lakeshore Boulevard has been struck by a burglar three times in six months.

Church Deacon John McKinney believes it’s the same guy.  “It’s got to be a heartless person, somebody who needs God,” said McKinney.  “I hope he gets his life together.”

After the first incident in September 2012, the church installed video cameras, motion detectors and an alarm system.

But, the burglar came back again in December, then again Tuesday morning.

In all, he has taken 5 keyboards, microphones and electrical gear valued at more than $10,000.

McKinney believes someone knows the distinct markings on his sweatshirt.

In 22 years, the church had never had a break-in or theft.

McKinney doesn't know why his church is being targeted, he just wants it to stop. His message to the thief: "Whoever you are breaking into this church, enough is enough.  Bring our keyboards back and hopefully we can get you some prayer and counseling and try to get you some help, obviously you need help.”

In the meantime, the church will try to rent keyboards and other audio gear for Sunday worship.

If you recognize the man, call Cleveland police.