3yo Found Wandering Alone for the 4th Time

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ELYRIA-- For the fourth time in four months, a three-year-old boy is found wandering alone on a busy street.  His mother faces child endangering charges.

Latasha Andrewski, 33, entered a plea of not guilty, through her attorney, Wednesday morning.

Last week, a day after she was charged for her toddler getting out of the house, he got out again hours later.

The first incident was last October.  Police in Elyria say Andrewski's three-year-old son was found riding a three wheeler in the middle of a busy street.

According to a police report, he was found again, wandering in the street earlier this year while his mother was sleeping.  They gave her a warning.

"Clearly from police reports, the child has been able to get out of the house and was found in some dangerous situations," said Patti-Jo Burtnett, spokeswoman for Lorain County Children’s Services.

Elyria police say around noon on February 13, police arrested Andrewski after her son got out of the house for a third time.

A driver called police after seeing the boy walking alone down the middle of East Avenue in traffic.

According to a police report, when police returned the boy to his home on sixth street, Latasha said "Oh my god, Oh my god, what happened?"  When police told her he was found in the middle of the street and could have been hit by a vehicle or abducted, she said "I didn't know he was gone."

"I really can't talk about this case in particular, but I can tell you that in situations similar to this, something that we can do almost immediately and structurally is just make sure that there are appropriate locks put on the door that are out of the child's reach," said Burtnett.

The very next day, February 14, around nine a.m., the three-year-old is found again wandering near East Avenue and 6th Street.

The police report states it was 35 degrees outside and the boy was dressed in shorts a T-shirt and rubber boots.

Andrewski was charged with child endangering once again.

Officials with the Lorain County Children's services are investigating whether these actions reach the level of neglect.

"This is something that certainly will be determined at the end of our assessments and I certainly don't want to speculate on what the outcome will be of our current investigation," said Burtnett.

FOX 8 tried to speak to Andrewski, but a man who left her apartment told us she would not comment.

When we stopped by later, a woman peeked out of the window, but did not open the door.

The spokeswoman for Children’s Services would not say where the boy is now, only that he’s with relatives, and that could include being back with his mother.