Family Moves to U.S., Loses Home in Fire

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CLEVELAND, Ohio -- A young family’s dream of a new life in America is shattered when fire destroys their home just days after they come to Cleveland.

Carlos Hernandez, 28, his wife, 2-year-old daughter and one-month-old son are temporarily staying in a hotel room.

A stove fire in their apartment on Triskett Road in Cleveland Monday left them homeless. Hernandez was at work at the time.

Samuel Rosario, associate pastor at Casa Del Alfarero Church, translated for Hernandez and explained what happened.

"As she turned to tend to her babies, literally that quickly within 30 seconds -- there was an explosion in the kitchen," Rosario said. "The kitchen instantly caught fire."

Hernandez had worked for three months to earn enough money to bring his young family to Cleveland from Puerto Rico. The fire was just two days after they arrived in Cleveland.

“They got out safely," he said. "But, in the process of the explosion and the heat of the fire, they lost everything."

After learning of the Hernandez family hardship, Rosario and Pastor Angel Arroyo are reaching out to their church communities in Cleveland and Lorain for any help for this young family.

Hernandez’s co-workers at A.J. Rose Manufacturing donated money for a deposit on a new place where the family will live. But, every room is vacant. They are in need of furniture and appliances to make the place their home.

While a few donations have already come in, there is still a great need.

The Hernandez family worships at the Casa Del Alfarero Church. The church will be accepting any and all donations for the Hernandez family on Sunday from 11:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. The church is located at 4517 Lorain Ave. in Cleveland.

Hernandez said it is with his faith and his gratitude that he will get past the loss from the fire and go on to make a good life for his young family in America.