Ohio Cruise Passenger Praises Crew

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COLUMBUS – A Mansfield woman arrived back in Ohio on Friday night following several days stranded at sea on the Carnival Triumph.

“I missed you guys,” said Lisa Miller, as she met her family at Port Columbus International Airport.  Miller hugged her husband and children following her vacation that was anything but.  “The longest of my life, the longest of my life!”

The Triumph was left without power and stuck in the Gulf of Mexico after a fire last week.  It was finally towed into an Alabama port on Thursday night, where Lisa and more than three-thousand other passengers were bussed to hotels and airports.

*Click here to see Lisa's Pictures from on board the ship.*

“Two-hours of sleep in two days is all I’ve had lately, so it’s been a rough one,” said Miller.  “But, my God, it’s so good to be home right now.  You guys have been great, oh my God, the people on the ship were great, I’ve never seen people come together, work together and help each other.”

It was Lisa’s first cruise and she was loving it, until disaster struck and they were stranded at sea.  The ship was without power, bathroom facilities and according to Miller, sewage was seeping into other cabins.  “It was something you just can’t put into words, it went from the best time of my life to the most miserable time of my life to the most, I can’t even put it into words.  I mean, people helping people.  Crew members were fabulous, I’m just glad to be home!”

Passengers slept on the cruise ship decks, but Lisa said it was a bonding experience for everyone and she focused on staying positive while keeping people laughing.  “They called me the comedienne of the ship, I’m the one that kept everybody kinda - if anybody knows me - they know how goofy I am, so it was, I have new family members that I met on the boat and I’m just so grateful for everything, for being here,” said Lisa.

Carnival is offering full refunds, vouchers for another cruise, plus cash and the cruise line paid for the flights home.

On Friday, the first cruise-related lawsuit was filed by a Texas passenger who said Carnival refused to provide a seaworthy ship.

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