Beautiful Surprise: Baby Born in Akron Salon

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By Roc Woodrum

AKRON, Ohio -- Friday started out just like any other day for the employees at Polished Hair Designs in Akron.

And then suddenly ...

“It just all happened so fast. She was sitting over here very calm.  I think she set us up, and all of the sudden, boom!  Puddle of water," said Cherelle Iverson, an employee at the salon.

Marquitta Anderson, also a beautician at the salon, was just over eight months pregnant.

She had felt contractions earlier in the day, but just didn’t think they were close enough to go to the hospital.

“They were so far apart, and it wasn't anything consistent, and this is my third child.  With the other two I sat in the hospital for 18 hours.  Right after my water broke, here he comes. I'm like, 'I can't hold it guys!'  They said, 'call the paramedics, you can't have him here,' and I said, 'I can't hold it, he 's coming out,'” said Anderson.

Co-worker Yvetta Brockman quickly jumped into action.

“So we have a good bench over here.  I said, 'Quita, get on the bench.'  She said, 'the baby's coming out, coming out.'  I said, 'oh my God,'” Brockman explained.

Cherelle Iverson quickly called 911, requesting EMTs to respond.

“They asked me could I see the baby, and she pulled her pants down, and the baby was coming,” said Iverson.

"They saw his head was down there, my friend Cherelle dropped the phone, and you could hear the lady like saying, 'hello? Hello?'  And everybody was saying, 'push, push,' and before I knew it his head was out.  Evette grabbed his head, and everybody grabbed towels, and I said, 'don't let him hit the floor, don't let him hit the floor,'” added Anderson.

Within minutes, EMTs arrived.  They, too, were surprised by what they saw.

They only had one question.

Anderson quickly responded, “Who delivered the baby?  There is 14 women in the shop. Who do you think delivered the baby?"

Anderson has always felt close to her co-workers, but especially now.

"They are amazing, I have so much love for them, we're like a family anyway.  Yesterday they really held it together, and I really love them for that,” said Anderson.

Baby Criston weighs six pounds, seven ounces.  He and mom are both doing well and are expected to go home on Sunday.