Teachers Train for Shooter Scenario

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SPRINGFIELD TOWNSHIP, Ohio -- It's a reality today’s teachers face: what to do if an active shooter is in their school.

Springfield Local School teachers are getting a new type of training that could save lives.

Currently, when it becomes known that there is a gunman in the school building, the teachers and students go into lock-down mode. They are told to hide, sit quietly and do nothing.

But Springfield Township police Sgt. Eric East said that could mean just waiting to be murdered.

“The current lock-down procedures that we have are not working as shown in many of the school shooting situations that we have had throughout the country,” he said.

Teachers are learning they can take a more active approach to defending themselves and their students. They are learning to follow ALICE, which stands for Alert, Lock-down, Inform, Counter and Evacuate.

Now, it's not enough to run and hide.

The difference in the approach is to counter the active shooter.

If barricading the door does not work, teachers and students are instructed to “counter” the shooter. That means doing anything to distract and disorient the gunman.

Teacher Kevin Hanna said he and students would start throwing anything on their desks at the shooter.

“I have staplers right in front of me. I have coffee cups. I have erasers. Anything that I can grab real quick and start throwing, that's what we are going to do,” Hanna said.

The main point: If you cannot safely evacuate, be proactive.

Teacher Lisa Scullen said she knows what she would do.

“Stand at my door with it barricaded, ready to just attack anybody who came through it,” she said.

Learning about ALICE may be the most important lesson these teachers have ever learned.

"We got to let the kids and our teachers understand there's more that we can do than just huddle in a corner and hope for the best,” Hanna said.

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