TVs Removed from Cleveland Police Stations

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CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Cleveland city police officers no longer have TV privileges inside their district headquarters.

According to police officers and union officials, the televisions inside all the districts were removed Thursday.

The police officers said last Wednesday they held a press conference saying the chief should resign, and the next day the TVs were gone.

A police department spokesman said an order has been out since sometime last year that states no televisions are to be inside the district stations.

Union officials said the order was made last December after the union held its first news conference in regards to the November 29 police chase and police involved shooting.

The officers said the TVs were used to help keep them updated on local and national news and weather.

“Since my first day on the job, we have a TV in the officers' room, or the roll call room, in every district and it has always been that way, until Thursday,” said Steve Kinas, union vice-president. “I guess our press conference upset the chief a little bit.”

Kinas said the officers in each district pay for the televisions.

“The pretty much run 24/7,” Kinas said.

The union held the press conference last Wednesday, the day after Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine announced the findings of the state investigation on the chase and shooting. DeWine said the investigation showed the system failed.

The investigation has now been turned over to the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office for review.

The attorney general’s office released additional information Monday on the chase, including the area they canvassed for surveillance video and forensic reports for five cell phones.

Three of the phones belonged to police officers. The report does not say who owned the other two cell phones. The reports say images and text messages were found on the phones but does not give specifics.

The chase started November 29 when Cleveland police Officer Vasile Nan said someone from the suspect’s car fired a shot at him while he was at the Justice Center.

The chase lasted 22 minutes and ended in East Cleveland when 13 police officers fired 137 shots at the two suspects.

The two suspects, Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams, were killed.

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