Proposal: City Leaders Remain Neutral in Police Chase

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CLEVELAND, Ohio — A resolution was proposed Monday night that would support neutrality by city leaders regarding the November police chase until the city fully reviews the case.

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine issued his report last week on the chase, in which Tim Russell and Malissa Williams were shot and killed.

DeWine blamed the results on a “systematic failure” by the Cleveland Police Department. There have also been calls since for the city’s police chief and safety director to resign.

Now that the state’s investigation is complete, the city can complete its review. The resolution states that it will be impossible for leaders to present an unbiased report if they take sides on the issue.

“The situation that happened on November 29 was very tragic and unique,” said Councilman Zack Reed. “Therefore, those two circumstances lead us to make sure when we bring it back to the general public, when all the stones have been overturned, and now it goes to the mayor and the police chief and the public, we have to make sure it’s not tainted in any way. There is no aroma of where people believe it was done in a biased way.”

The resolution was an emergency measure, but was not approved Monday night.

Officials said the language did not get to them until late in the day, so the resolution will go to council’s safety committee for further discussion before another vote.

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