Prayers for Roger: Stefani’s Update 2/11

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Fox 8′s Stefani Schaefer provided a new update on her husband, Roger, on her Facebook page Monday.

Roger fell from scaffolding last April and is recovering from a traumatic brain injury.

Here is Stefani’s latest update:

“Started back with the morning crew in the 8am hour today. It felt so good – and a little “back to normal” to be back in that hour with my pals Wayne and Kristi. Busy with the kiddos and their basketball games and dance over the weekend. Thank God I have them… and thank God they keep me busy! :-) Roger continues to make progress physically. I felt like he knew me today – or at least that I was familiar to him. Hopefully just another 3 days left on the antibiotics for the meningitis. So… we are keeping a positive attitude and moving forward. Keeping our “Eyes on the PRIZE.” A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS and big happy HUGS to my morning show buddy Kristi and her husband Hal… they are expecting a baby late this summer! SO nice to hear some positive and exciting news!!! Enjoy your day… hang on to your hat when you are outside! Whewee! It’s WILDLY windy out there!”

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