Pothole Problems: Patching Them up in NE Ohio

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CLEVELAND-- You do everything you can to avoid them but sometimes you become a victim.  It is part of the territory living in Northeast Ohio this time of year and now you can help others so they don't fall victim.  What are we talking about? Potholes.

With a brief hiatus from the winter weather it's now time to deal with those dreaded potholes.

"I've been here for quite a while so I know it's coming; so I just deal with it," said Edward Williams of Cleveland.

No matter where you're headed, east side or west side, there are plenty of potholes to contend with on the roadways.

"If you ride down 152nd coming off the freeway, that road is terrible. They should've had that road fixed," Mike Carr of Cleveland said.

"I think the W.130th area, Lorain, it's just terrible," said Williams.

With a break in the weather this week, ODOT has crews working to patch up some of the biggest potholes around town.

"It's absolutely a good week," said Mark Ziaja, Public Information Officer for ODOT.  "We are glad we have a break in the snow and ice we can get out there and put some material in the holes and keep the motorists safe."

Patching potholes is an on-going process throughout the winter.  When crews are not pushing around snow and spreading salt, they're working overtime to fill the holes.

"I think this year is probably worst because last year wasn't such a bad winter, but this year with the freeze and the thaw, the snow, the ice and everything it's been a little bit rougher," said Carr.

March will be the busiest time for ODOT crews to patch the potholes which is a temporary fix.  The real work begins in April when crews actually repair the roadways.

"We clean the hole. We grind it. We remove those grindings. We put down hot mix. We roll it and then seal it. It's a permanent patch or a permanent fix to a problem," Ziaja said.

Winter may soon be coming to a close, but its after-effects are just beginning.

"I don't even like winter. I've been ready for winter to be over with," said Carr.

To report potholes to ODOT, check out Buckeye Traffic or OHGO.

For potholes around the city of Cleveland, call 216-664-2510.