My Town: Brite Winter Fest Comes to Town

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(Photo credit: Thinkstock)

CLEVELAND — The cooler temperatures and snow will receive a warm welcome again this year at the Brite Winter Festival in Cleveland.

The Brite Winter Festival is now in its third year, with a showcase expansion featured in SoLo (South of Lorain) for the 2013 show on Saturday, February 16.

The art- and music-centric festival will be held in Ohio City’s Market District, and feature bands and artists from all over the Midwest. This year’s festival will be showcasing at least 15 art installations and more than 40 musical acts on eight stages. The art installations will be created through a partnership with the Cleveland Museum of Art, The Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland State University, ABC The Tavern, Old Angle Tavern, Orange Blossom Press, and several other local businesses.

Also, for the second year in a row, GE Lighting is supplying the Brite Festival with thousands of energy-efficient lights for artists to create art installations.

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