Huntington Elementary is a Cool School!

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BRUNSWICK, Ohio -- There is cheering going on at Huntington Elementary in Brunswick after being voted this week’s Fox 8 Cool School.

It is an “Excellent” rated school by the State.  At the home of the Hawks, learning is the number one priority.  Principal Keith Merrill said all the gifted elementary students from Brunswick City Schools attend Huntington and study an advanced curriculum.  “We also offer a few accelerated programs with our excel program,” he added.

The PTO sponsored Accelerated Reading Program uses incentives and rewards to make reading fun. Fifth Grader Jacqueline Le feels she has benefited from the program. "It's actually a good idea because it boosts up your reading skills,” she said.

Teachers use technology to enrich and encourage learning.  And, there are more than just smart boards and computers in every classroom.  “We have iPods, iTouches, iPads and the computers which teachers use creatively to increase the students’ understanding of the content,” Principal Merrill added.

Even students as young as first graders, like Anjoel Gates, use iPods to learn math and vocabulary.  "We was taking pictures with bossy "R"  See this is a cord, Gregory, door and floor,” Anjoel said while showing the pictures on the iPod.

This is a school that cares about others.  Fifth graders are involved with Project Support.   "We do many service projects for the school and the community around us,” fifth grader Nick Olsen said.

Students and staff have their reasons why Huntington Elementary is such a Cool School.

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