Families ‘Want Justice’ After Deadly Chase Findings

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CLEVELAND – Some family members of the two people who died in a police chase and shooting last November aren’t happy with the outcome of the investigation.

On Tuesday, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine released his report of the November 29 incident that left Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams dead.  The two victims were in a car that was chased by 62 Cleveland cruisers from downtown to a school parking lot in East Cleveland.  Both victims were fatally shot when 13 officers fired 137 times.

“This took my baby’s life. 137 bullets and all them cops,” asked Malissa’s mother, Martha Williams.  “I can’t bring her back. They can’t bring her back. So I want some justice and I want them brought up on charges of murder.”

The family was filled with grief and anger after DeWine addressed the media in Richfield.  According to DeWine, it was a tragedy that shouldn’t have happened.

“It’s been hard,” said Martha Williams.  “It’s been really hard because I sat there and listened to all these cops, made up all these lies!  I don’t understand that!”

Malissa’s uncle, Walter Jackson, Sr., said they were expecting more from the attorney general.  “Shots was coming from everywhere. They had to actually surround the car. I mean, there was gunshots coming from the backside, front. I mean, they was coming from everywhere,” said Jackson.

DeWine said his job was to investigate what happened and pass his findings along to Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Tim McGinty, without making any recommendations.  McGinty will now review the results and present the findings to a grand jury.

“What the family deserves, what the public deserves, what this community deserves is the truth and that, I think, is what - to the best of our ability - we have given them with this report,” said Attorney General Mike DeWine.

The family did get confirmation that no weapon was found on Williams or Russell.  “I really think that these police officers - all 13 cops - should be brought up on murder charges,” said Jackson.

Malissa’s mom said it’s time for those involved to pay a price.  “I don’t care what their business they got, their families, I don’t care nothing about them.  I don’t.  I don’t.  They didn’t care nothing about my daughter. I don't care nothing about theirs,” said Williams.

According to McGinty, it will take some time to review the findings.

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