Pothole Problems Popping Up

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CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Road conditions were fairly good for most of Monday evening, but there was another obstacle many drivers are facing: potholes.

"Looks like you're drunk driving half the time," said motorist Duran Porter. "Trying to swerve and get around so many potholes."

As many drivers travel around Northeast Ohio, in some places it is like navigating an obstacle course to avoid potholes.

"A lot of times if it's nighttime, you don't see it, you hit it," said Porter. "It literally feels like a car hit you. You hit something that's so deep and so bad that you mess up your tire, blow out your tire, mess up your wheel, your wheel alignment, and I've been through that a lot."

Monday afternoon, we stumbled upon a road crew patching up some major potholes on Lakeshore Boulevard in Cleveland. According to some drivers, it's not the only place around with a pothole problem.

"Coming around, like East Boulevard, the boulevard, I hit some potholes there. They're pretty bad and everything," said motorist Lisa Sims. "If I try to go down Ansel, they're really bad, or Wade Park is tremendously from 82nd, may be to 92nd, they real bad. The potholes are real bad."

Cleveland officials said this has been an average year for the number of potholes being reported around town.

"It hasn't been bad for me at all," said motorist Neil Harte. "I haven't had any problems with potholes."

City officials said the freeze-thaw weather cycles are taking a toll on streets.

They said it's been too wet to use hot asphalt, so they use a "cold patch" which is only a temporary fix. They also said as it continues to snow, their main priority is clearing roads of snow, beginning with the main and secondary roads.

"We clear those and we hope to get into our residentials within 24 to 36 hours after the snow stops," said Cleveland Public Works Director Michael Cox. "Our problem has been that we had a snow event on Thursday, and then we had another large snow event on Saturday."

Cox said the city has been working 24 hours since Thursday to clear snow.

Monday, crews started clearing residential streets from the weekend’s snow. But Cox said if it continues to snow, crews will have to return to clearing main streets again, before returning to the neighborhoods.

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