Prayers for Roger: Stefani’s Update 2/4

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Fox 8′s Stefani Schaefer provided a new update on her husband, Roger, on her Facebook page Monday.

Roger fell from scaffolding last April and is recovering from a traumatic brain injury.

Here is Stefani’s latest update:

“Thank you so much for your notes, thoughts and prayers… and thank you for asking how Roger is doing. The meningitis is still being treated and he is responding well to the antibiotics. (Probably has another week or so on those). He is getting stronger everyday – but isn’t where he was even last fall – as far as talking and walking. But, as I mentioned, he is getting stronger and I see great improvements from where we were two weeks ago. I felt like he seemed to know me today. I never know how he is going to react when he sees me – I have to admit, I get butterflies every time I walk in the hospital. I hope that he knows me, pray that he doesn’t react negatively when he sees me… and there’s always that hope that he has “awaken” from the traumatic brain injury and amnesia and his memory has returned. That hope keeps me going day after day. Still no short term memory either. Just last night, Race was telling him about his basketball game and a second later, I mentioned the game and Roger said he didn’t know anything about it. Last week, I called him on the phone while I was going to work and told him I was coming to see him after work… and he said “no, don’t come… I’m too busy. I have a lot going on and I don’t think you should come.” Well…. like it or not.. I came to see him. :-) And you know what? He WAS busy…. he was in speech therapy when I got there. I only had a few minutes before it was time for music therapy…. so he was right.. he does have a lot going on. I smiled… and said…. I see – you are one BUSY guy!! (I was thinking he was trying to keep me away for a reason – perhaps those beautiful nurses??) ;-) Hopefully we’ll find out later this week when they plan on putting in the new brain shunt. Keep you posted.”

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