Vermilion High School is a Cool School!

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VERMILION, Ohio -- Vermilion High School puts attention on academics and the extras.  That's why some believe it is a "Cool School."  It has a state rating of excellent.

Principal Heidi Riddle called it a one-to-one school.  That means every student, grades 8 through 12, has a laptop in class.  "We do a lot of blended learning where of the activities are on the computer and some are face-to-face regular traditional instruction," Principal Riddle said.

Vermilion High also puts a priority on its "stem" classes, those are science, technology, engineering and mathematics.  That means "hands on" learning, like dissecting animals in anatomy class or building bridges.

“It’s preparing people for college life as well as the real world after high school.  And, that’s hugely important part of the stem program," Science Teacher Joe Schneid said.

The school offers four years of a foreign language.  Students in French class made Mardi Gras floats this week as a way of learning more about French culture.

At Vermilion High, they're focused on the Fine Arts and they are very "tuned" into music.  The  Vermilion Soundsation is a select, competitive show choir that has won many awards. And, the Vermilion High School Marching Band is well-known for its appearances at every Woollybear Festival.   "Vermilion high school is a cool school because we have the best music program around, Band Member Marc Zander said.

And, Mrs. Schneid's art class is like no other.  There's body painting ,where students work on students, literally. Photographers capture the paintings so a magazine of the artwork can be made.

There is so much to do at Vermilion High that students have their reasons why is it was voted a Fox 8 Cool School. “Vermilion is the coolest school because of our variety of classes, the utilization of technology and everyone is always involved," a trio of students in the library said.

A group in the cafeteria said it is because of the school spirit and they began to chant "Let’s go sailors, let’s go sailors."

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