Gas Company on Outage: Call Us

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(Photo Credit: MGN Online)

ALLIANCE, Ohio — Columbia Gas managed to restore service to about half of the Alliance customers affected by an outage, but is having one, big problem helping the rest.

According to Ken Stammen, a company spokesperson, residents haven’t been home, meaning workers cannot get inside to do their job.

The number to call if you are still without gas service is 1-800-344-4077.  You should also turn on your porch light.

The issue began on Friday morning in the Gaskill Street area, where the water department was doing work and turned off a gas valve by mistake, Stammen said.

Nearly 325 customers on the north side of the city were impacted.

When gas is shut off, the company must complete a complex process to turn it back on. That includes re-energizing the line.

Local Columbia workers and crews from other parts of northeast Ohio were called to help restore service.

Someone must be in the home so workers can enter, complete a safety check and relight pilot lights.

(Fox 8’s Darcie Loreno contributed to this report.)