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ODOT Armed with Salt to Fight Snowstorm

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CLEVELAND-- Ohio Department of Transportation crews say they are armed with salt and ready to battle the elements to keep the roadways clear.

People across Northeast Ohio enjoyed one more day of mild temperatures before winter makes its comeback.

"We came out to enjoy the beautiful day out here in Cleveland. You know, you don't get too many of those this time of year," said Candice Destio, who was with her granddaughter at Edgewater Park.

After several days around 60 degrees, the skies are changing and temperatures and snow will soon be falling.

"We prepare for the worst. I hope that it doesn't come, but if it does, we're gonna be ready. So, our equipment is in great shape. We have plenty of material," said ODOT spokesman Mark Ziaja.

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ODOT says the unseasonably warm weather gave their crews more time to prepare, helping them get ahead of the storm.

"It's helped us in terms of equipment, giving our people a little bit of a break- get the equipment back ready to go. It'll give us a headstart once this thing starts because it won't bond immediately," Ziaja said.

Many people admit that we have been spoiled over the last few days.  Now, they are preparing for the big weather change.

"I got a bunch of work tomorrow, so I'll just bunker up in the house and take care of that. It works out well," said Stephen Szelpal as he rode his bicycle, with his dog running alongside.

"We went shopping yesterday and we've got gas in the car, so we'll probably get some DVDs together," said Destio.

Fayne Copeland, who is originally from Minnesota, says she's driving to Northern Michigan.

"I'm used to the snow. I'll take it easy. If the roads are bad, I'll stop, get a room or I won't go. I'll use my head," she said.

People in Northeast Ohio are really good winter drivers, in other words, their winter driving skills are great. It's not the first time they've been through this drill," said Ziaja.

But ODOT officials still want to offer some important advice.

"We want to remind some of the younger folks or people who are new to the area that you need to leave plenty of time. Watch your following distance and give our trucks room," said Ziaja.

Ziaja also wants to remind drivers to stay off of their cell phones, unless it is an emergency.

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