WATCH: Dolphin Swims to Divers for Help

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(Photo Credit: Manta Rays Hawaii video still)

A group of divers swimming off Hawaii’s Kona Coast knew something was wrong when a bottlenose dolphin kept hovering around them.

One of the observant divers saw the problem: a fishing line and hook, tangled from the animal’s mouth to pectoral fin.

As the dolphin struggled to swim, they knew they had to act fast.

But how would it respond to the human touch?

Unbelievably well.

The brave divers spent eight minutes untangling the dolphin, using a fishing knife to cut the line from its skin.

Once the dolphin was free enough to move about, it shot to the surface for a breath of fresh air, only to return moments later to let its rescuers finish the job.

All the while, never stirring as the divers worked to remove a fishing hook from its flesh.

Then, it swam away into the deep blue, never to be seen again.

The heroic rescue was caught on tape by a camera woman from Manta Rays Hawaii and uploaded to YouTube. So far, more than 1,290,000 people have watched it.

Hard to believe this dolphin tale? Watch it for yourself above this story!

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