When Anchors Attack: The On-Set Saga

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CLEVELAND -- Fox 8's Andre Bernier made it out of Fox 8 News at 5 alive, but he can't say the same about his tie.

Before the weather forecast, Bill Martin and Tracy McCool went on the attack.

Tracy held Andre's tie while Bill cut it off!

tieoutsideBill explained it was payback since the anchors and Andre swapped places at the beginning of the show.

They're usually seated under the warm glow of the studio lights, but this time Bill and Tracy had to bundle up and head to the frigid front yard, which is usually Andre's post.  

Andre got to stay inside, but his tie paid the ultimate price.

This isn't the first time a tie became a casualty of an on-set spectacle.

Bill cut off one of Andre's ties eighteen years ago.

So ... does this mean war?

The whole thing was done in good fun, so Andre plans to take the high road -- but jokes Bill will be getting a bill, and a call from his lawyer!

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