Neglected Dog’s Story Kept Secret Until Now

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RAVENNA, Ohio — After months of secrecy, a neglected dog is finally getting the exposure needed to help him take important steps in his recovery.

The Portage APL has been caring for Tanner, an 11-year-old German Shepherd, since August.

That’s when a humane officer was called to Hiram, where Tanner was found with missing hair, scabs, sores and peeling skin. He was emaciated and had a hard time walking.

Tanner’s story was never told because it took months for his court case to end.

The suspect entered a no contest plea and will be sentenced in March.

Now the Portage APL has custody of the dog and is looking for someone to take him home.

Tanner has made big strides.  He is stronger, healthier and more mobile, and has been sweet and friendly throughout the recovery, the Portage APL said.

After he is neutered, Tanner will be ready for adoption.  Because of his age, he may not have many years ahead of him, but the Portage APL hopes someone makes his remaining time worthwhile.

To make a donation or learn more about the Portage APL, call (330) 296-4022 or click here.

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