Prayers for Roger: Stefani’s Update 1/20

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Fox 8′s Stefani Schaefer provided another update on her husband, Roger, on her Facebook page Sunday evening.

Roger fell from scaffolding last April and is recovering from a traumatic brain injury.

Here is Stefani’s latest update on his journey:

“Calling on my Prayer Warriors! We’ve had several twists and turns over the weekend. Roger has shown a great deal of decline and this morning couldn’t walk and was talking very “garbled.” The doctors ran several tests (there was concern it could have been a stroke, or pressure from fluid on the brain, new infection, etc) We still don’t know exactly what is going on at this hour. This evening, the doctors performed a Lumbar Puncture to relieve the pressure on his brain by removing some of the spinal and brain fluid. His pressure numbers were within an acceptable range after the procedure. The believe his shunt in his brain is either not working or has malfunctioned, so the plan right now is to do another surgery (possibly tomorrow morning) to change out the brain shunt. But…. while we were with Roger this evening, a doctor came in and mentioned that the fluid they retrieved from his spine was starting to culture and show meningitis. I can’t tell you the horrific rush of panic I instantly felt. Roger’s mother and the kids and I wore masks while we were with him (That’s typical procedure when the patient has superbugs and is sepsis like Roger has been these last two weeks). But.. the kids had been cuddling with Roger and I just got so worried that they could pick up meningitis. Thankfully, within that hour, the doctor received word that it was not looking like meningitis after all. (But we still don’t know for sure) Oh my – what a horrible roller coaster. So, right now he might have surgery in the morning … or as soon as they get all the test results back. They’ve explained to me that if he has a new infection brewing they don’t want to go in the brain – that could spread the infection to the brain. There are also a few other levels they are concerned about that they need to stabilize before surgery. Through it all… Roger is so sweet – as usual. He smiled and answered questions as best he could. His eyes seemed brighter to me… and I really feel like he knew us this evening. He lifted his head and smiled when he saw the kids. I just KNEW he knew them. I am praying that once we get this fluid and pressure off his brain, things might “open up” for him. Wanted to update you all. I will keep you posted. Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers.”

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