President Obama Sworn in to 2nd Term

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By Kevin Liptak

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- There was no music, no crowds and no parade.

But President Barack Obama officially became a two-term commander-in-chief Sunday after taking his oath of office during a ceremony in the White House.

It took place in the ornate Blue Room, an oval-shaped reception space on the White House's main floor, where Obama was joined by wife Michelle Obama and his two daughters. Other members of his family, including the first lady's mother and brother, stood out of view of the camera.

Chief Justice John Roberts administered the oath to Obama - his third time to hold that honor. After Roberts flubbed the order of words during the public ceremony in 2009, a do-over took place in the White House Map Room the next day to erase any question that Obama was officially the president.

Roberts didn't have any trouble with the 35-word oath this time around - he read from a white note card with the words printed on it. Slash marks where Roberts paused to have Obama repeat the words were clearly visible.

The whole process took less than a minute, and Obama didn't make any remarks or statements following his swearing-in. He did take a moment to hug his wife and daughters, exclaiming "I did it!" before exiting from the camera's view.