New Safety Precautions After Gun Show Shooting

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MEDINA, Ohio — There are big changes under way at an area gun show a day after a shooting injures a man.  While the gun show promoter calls it an accident, a man who witnessed the shooting says it is an issue of gun safety and proper handling of weapons. 

Gun enthusiasts looking to buy or sell firearms and ammunition packed the Medina Gun Show Sunday. This follows a shooting inside Saturday that wounded a 62-year-old man.   

“The bullet ricocheted, shrapnel hit the victim, ricocheted and just nicked me in the leg,” a man who witnessed the shooting told Fox 8 News reporter Maria Scali in an exclusive interview.

Medina police say a dealer was checking a 9 mm pistol he was thinking about buying from a private seller, when the gun went off striking his friend.   

“It turned out the firearm was loaded somehow and when the individual went to clear it, the gun went off and hit his friend in the arm and in the leg,” Medina Gun Show Promoter Jim Conrad said.

But, the witness believes on Saturday the guns weren’t being secured properly. They were simply cleared.  He said he was standing next to the two men when the gun was discharged.

He added that the zip ties should work like a gun lock, keeping the weapon from being fired. He demonstrated with the guns he brought into the show Saturday. 

“As you can see this zip tie serves absolutely no prevention from firing the gun.  Had this zip tie been installed properly — preferably through the receiver side down the barrel and around and zip tied — that would prevent a round from able to be chambered,” he added.

The big question remains when the gun was loaded — before or after it was brought inside the show.

Changes have been made since Saturday’s shooting. Each gun is checked and now being fired into a bullet trap to make sure it is not loaded, it into a bullet trap. Also, zip ties are now being placed in such a way that the gun cannot function.

Conrad said this is the 35th year for the Medina Gun Show and the shooting is the first incident they ever had.

“It’s one of those things it still comes down to, it was an accident.  Should he have done it that way? Absolutely not. Did it happen? Yes it did,” Conrad said.

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