Falling Tree Destroys Porch on Historic Home

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by Allison Brown

CLEVELAND — High winds can be dangerous, just ask Sam Thomas who has a tree at his doorstep. 

Sunday morning, a nearby Maple tree took out his entire front porch and did some damage to his neighbor’s home as well.

It happened just after 3:00 a.m. on Westchester Ave.  Thomas tells FOX 8 he thought he heard thunder outside, but sadly, that’s not what it was.

"I heard this tremendous noise, had no idea what it was,” Thomas said.

Thomas said he and his wife were in the basement at the time the tree fell.

"Took down the roof of the porch, as well as took out the entire porch itself,” Thomas explained, "It didn't breech the house itself," he went on.

However, there is still a mangled mess in the front of the house, which was built in 1918.

"And then I hear this loud bang, and so I was like, what is this that just rocked?” said neighbor Portia Booker.

Booker, like many people in the Cleveland neighborhood, stopped by the home to see what happened. 

Some even took pictures Sunday afternoon.

“Nobody was hurt thank God," Thomas said.

Because the tree didn’t break through any windows or internal walls, the home is livable.  The homeowner tells FOX 8 the damage could have been a lot worse.

He has already called his insurance company, and is working with the city to figure out the next steps to get the tree removed. Still, Thomas is hopeful his historic home can be fixed quickly, and project the same character.

"There were some engraved benches on the porch, like I said, it was a very decorative porch, in a historic district, and we'd like to see some of that restored," Thomas said.