Man’s Campaign Seeks Justice for Late Wife

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LORAIN COUNTY, Ohio – A Lorain County narcotics detective whose wife was killed by a drugged driver has started a letter-writing campaign to urge the judge to impose the maximum sentence for her death, 13 years.

Olen Martin of Lorain read Fox 8 News the victim's impact statement he will present in court to the judge during the sentencing of Royce Kowalczyk, 26.

"I've been robbed of the simple ability to make a quick phone call to share a story, ask a question or merely say 'I love you,'" Martin said.

It was March 2 of 2012, in Sheffield Village, when Kowalczyk was high on cocaine and crashed head-on into the vehicle driven by Terri Martin - killing her. He was already out on bond for a previous drug case.

He pleaded guilty.

Martin, who ironically is also a narcotics detective for the Lorain County Sheriff's Department, created a blog, asking friends, family and complete strangers to write the judge letters urging he impose the maximum amount of prison time - 13 years.

"Because my wife deserves that and her kids deserve that my daughter deserves that. My community deserves that," Martin said.

Records show that Kowalczyk was out on bond for a drug case when he got high and killed Terri, who was a nurse with the Cleveland Clinic.

Before he was indicted for aggravated vehicular homicide in her death five months later, he was in two additional car crashes, one of them drug-related.

"Most people don't think 13 years is enough," Martin said.

Nearly 4,000 people have clicked on Olen Martin's blog. Now he is asking others...

"If they feel compelled, if they would write a letter or send an email to the court asking and urging the judge to consider a max sentence in this case," Martin said.

Kowalczyk is scheduled to be sentenced by Judge James Miraldi in courtroom 708 of the Lorain County Justice Center, in Elyria, on Feb. 7 at 1:30 p.m.