Identity Theft Ring Hits NE Ohio

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COPLEY TOWNSHIP, Ohio -- "It was around December 13th when my husband got a call from Macy's saying they thought there was fraudulent activity on his account, which he does not have an account," said Courtney Stein, of Westwick Way in Copley Township.

And before the Steins knew it, they started getting credit card bills in the mail.

"Kohl's, Macy's, J. Crew, Best Buy, Williams-Sonoma, Brooks Brothers," said Stein.

Turns out, identity thieves racked up more $14,000 dollars in their name in New York.

"I know there were about seven or eight people that were hit in this area," said Hayden Hajdu, a neighbor.

Copley Police say at least a dozen people in a new development off Hametown Road were the victims of identity theft.

At least five victims live on the same street as the Steins.

"I went online and I ordered Lifelock for our family and I've been using," said Hajdu.

Police say they are investigating.

"Right now, the common thread is the developer.  In this particular development, there was one developer that built these homes. So, we've been concentrating with that developer if the breach came from there," said Lt. Luke Marchmon, with the Copley Police Department.

Copley police say the developer is cooperating in the investigation, however they've also requested help from the Secret Service.

In the meantime, they've sent out flyers to the neighborhood, alerting people of the problem.

Police say another development with the same builder was hit by identity thieves in Berea.

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