School District Enlists Unique ‘Germ Destroyer’

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MENTOR, Ohio -- With the flu bug sweeping across Northeast Ohio, one Lake County school district is using high-tech methods to try to keep its schools virus free.

It's called an electrostatic disinfectant sprayer and it's Mentor Schools' weapon in fighting the flu.

"I feel safe and I feel like I have my back covered cause maybe some kids can't afford to get the flu shot," said Mentor High School student Naomi Levette.

The 11th grader hasn't gotten bitten by the flu bug and appreciates the cleaning steps the school is taking to protect her and her fellow classmates from getting sick.

The electrostatic sprayer uses a special disinfectant that's used in classrooms, bathrooms and locker rooms on a weekly basis.

Jen Skulski is director of business operations at Mentor Schools.  She says they started purchasing the sprayers two years ago because it disinfects in a unique way. 

"It electrically charges the disinfectant which allows it to adhere and wrap around surfaces so it covers areas that we may, in your traditional processes, miss.  It also allows us to spray paper, disinfect computers and other types of technology that we may not be able to cover," explained Skulski.

Mentor Public Schools has eight of the high-powered sprayers and they are not cheap. They cost a couple thousand dollars apiece but school officials say they are worth it.

Mentor High School principal Bill Wade said their spray arsenal has worked so far.

The student attendance record has been normal even with the flu creating havoc across Ohio.

"We haven't seen a spike as of right now so I would say all our clean practices and the machine is an enhancement, especially this time of year, to make sure we can maintain a healthy learning environment for our students," said Bill Wade, the Mentor High School principal.

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