Supermarket Robber Caught on Camera

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MONTVILLE, Ohio — The manager of an Aldi Supermarket was about to lock the door on Sunday night when she let one more person into the store.

According to the Montville Police Department, that man ended up taking $1,100 in cash before leaving.

Surveillance cameras showed the man enter the Medina Road store just after 7 p.m. then hurry down the first aisle.

Police said he then ran down the second aisle with his hand under his shirt, but it was not known if he had a weapon.

The man allegedly pushed the manager toward the register and said, “Open it.”

According to police, the man helped himself to the cash then left through the front doors. 

He was last seen running west toward First Merit Bank while wearing a blue sweatshirt, jeans and a dark blue baseball cap with a yellow or orange emblem on the front.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Montville police tip line at (330) 661-0120.