NE Ohio Reaction Mixed to President’s Gun Plan

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LYNDHURST-- Millions of people were glued to their televisions Wednesday as President Barack Obama signed a sweeping plan to reduce gun violence in America.

One of those people was Lisa Ciocia of Lyndhurst, a mom who became part of the One Million Moms For Gun Control shortly after the Sandy Hook shooting.

"One child every three hours is murdered in this country. The statistics can be read. I think people are almost becoming numb to the statistics," said Ciocia.

The One Million Moms For Gun Control is an online movement to stop gun violence.

"I am most happy with the president's plan to ban assault weapons. I also like the planned CDC research on video games and violence. I don't think any of the plan has any effect on people's rights to own guns," said Ciocia.

Not everyone agrees with the President's plan.

"I don't agree with the assault weapons ban. It's just cosmetics on a firearm," said Mike Dawson, a gun shop owner.

Dawson owns Five Star Firearms and Ammunition in Seven Hills.

"I agree on the background checks and the mental health services. But I have a big problem with the assault weapons ban," said Dawson.

Dawson says people have flooded his store since the president took office and many people are worried about their second amendment.

"The plan will hurt my business. People are afraid of what President Obama is going to say they can and can't have," said Dawson.

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