January 16, 2013

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Hollywood and Dine

David has been jet-setting across the country to interview stars of the newest films! While in L.A. for the inside scoop of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “The Last Stand,” David chatted up Jaimie Alexander and got her amazing Chili recipe!

Check out the recipe here!


Las Vegas: Luxor

David takes you inside the pyramid-shaped hotel, Luxor!

If you are considering a trip to Vegas, reach out to our friends at Canary Travel. Angie or Karen will hook you up with a great deal!



Wearing Scarves Indoors

We love to wear scarves at the New Day offices, especially our camera guy, Herb! But how can women – or men – wear them inside? Laurie Klopper from Blush Boutique demo’d some easy ways to accessorize your indoor outfit using scarves. Check out our video!



Red Eagle Distillery

Last Friday, David and the crew were out filming a brand new road show in wine country, when they stumbled upon a first here in Northeast Ohio. When we found out about Red Eagle Distillery who produce their own bourbon, we had to stop in!

Red Eagle Distillery is on the same property as South River Winery in Geneva.



Las Vegas: Score

For many, it’s a dream come true! You can sign on and become a member of your favorite sports team – even get your own agent! How? Visit Score inside Las Vega’s Luxor for an interactive way to test your skills! Check out Kristi in our video clip!



Cooking with Euclid Fish

We know many of you have vowed to eat healthier this year, so Terrie Young from Euclid Fish joined us in the kitchen! Her recipe for Baked Sole stuffed with vegetables could not have been easier!



Kristy Lee Cook

American Idol premieres tonight at 8 pm, on Fox 8! Three new judges are joining the show: Keith Urban, Mariah Carey, and Nikki Minaj!

So, in honor of the American Idol two-night premiere, we flashed back to Season 7. Remember a young, country singer, named Kristy Lee Cook? We caught up with her recently to talk about her country music career taking off.