Two Dogs Attack, Injure Elderly Man

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WESTLAKE, Ohio — A 76-year-old Westlake man was injured after being attacked by two American Bulldogs that escaped a garage.

Police were called to the corner of Sperry’s Forge Trail and Limpert’s Vine on January 10 at around 4:30 p.m.

When they arrived, the victim was standing and talking but was bleeding from both sides of his face and the top of his head.

The man said he was walking on the street when he heard a dog bark from behind him, and when he turned around it was running at him, police reports state. He began to walk slowly backward to see if the dog would be stopped by an invisible fence.

But the dog and a second dog continued to run at him, and he fell on the ground. He said the dogs jumped on him and began attacking him before a witness helped chase them away, said police.

The animals are American Bulldogs named Dave and Charlie, reports state.

Police said they spoke with the dogs’ owner at the scene. She told them the dogs had been shut in a garage that leads to a fenced-in backyard. But somehow, a door leading from the garage to the unenclosed front yard got open, and they escaped.

She wasn’t sure if they had current rabies shots, but told police neither dog had been aggressive before.

The victim was taken to St. John Medical Center, with scrapes, scratches and a puncture wound, likely from a dog bite, on his face, according to police.

Police reports state the case will be handed over to an animal control officer for follow-up. The dog owner was advised to quarantine the animals until further notice.

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