Local Fallen Officer Remembered on Screen

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By Allison Brown, Fox 8 Reporter

SANDUSKY, Ohio -- A fallen Sandusky officer is being remembered ‘on screen’ for his service and strength. 

Back in 2011, Officer Andy Dunn was gunned down on the job. Sunday night, his sacrifice was recognized by his community, even some film makers. 

There was a tribute at the Sandusky State Theater, with the showing of ‘Heroes Behind the Badge.'

Hundreds of people were able to see Officer Dunn featured in the documentary, which was made to honor officers across the country who lost their lives in 2011.

The tribute meant a lot for the community of Sandusky.

"I always tell the guys, it's not about the traffic stop, or arresting the guy, it's that we all go home, and we had to leave one behind, and that happened to be Andy," said Sgt. Tracey Susana, with the Sandusky Police Department.

Officer Dunn lost his life on March 19, 2011 during a routine traffic stop.  The shooter, Kevin Randleman pleaded guilty to the murder in August.

“You always think not here, not going to happen, never happens, we got smacked with reality and it hurt, it stung," said Sgt. Susana.

During the documentary, the Sandusky community saw firsthand how other families, friends and law enforcement across the country had to deal with loss of their own.

The makers of ‘Heroes Behind the Badge’ are in the middle of a tour across the country, showing the piece, and highlighting the importance of police work and the dangers that come along with the job.

"We didn't sugar coat it, make it for Hollywood, we made it real," said Bill Erurth.

The city of Sandusky is thankful for the tribute for their fallen officer, but for some, the documentary proved to be tough to watch.

"It was horrible for the community, and the community still grieves," said Lt. Robert Vanscoy, of the Sandusky Police Department.

Officer Dunn’s family was also in attendance.

"Always a knock at the door at 3:30 a.m. is not a good thing, it was unthinkable for us," said Matt Dunn, who recalls the night he found about his son.

But his sacrifice remains, and Officer Dunn will always be remembered as someone who protected and served above all else.

"Andy was a light, always smiling, always ready to get the bad guys," said Sgt. Susana.

Officer Dunn leaves behind a wife and two children.

You can find out more about the ‘Heroes Behind the Badge’ documentary by clicking here.