Investigators Looking Into Dogs Found Dead

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CLEVELAND-- A gruesome find on a Cleveland street corner leads to an investigation that could anger animal lovers. 

Tuesday afternoon, three dead dogs are found taped up and stuffed into 50 pound dog food bags at the corner of East 102nd and Meech Avenue in Cleveland.

"Really hard to tell anything at this point on how they died. It doesn't look like they've been involved in fighting that we can tell...not sure if it's natural causes, but three dogs does raise a flag and why they would be dumped on the corner," said Cleveland chief animal control officer John Baird.

Investigators with the Cleveland Animal Protective League will try to figure out how the dogs died, as they evaluate evidence found at the scene.

"I would believe it's from the same place because they were taped up in the same manner, and if it wasn't for a couple of the other stray dogs here in the area digging around here, people might not have found them until another day when they might have started to smell pretty bad," Baird said.

"That's really sickening," said resident Candice Rembert.

The corner where the dead animals were dumped is in an industrial area, with businesses such as scrap yards. But there are homes about a block away.

Some people who live in this neighborhood say they're not very surprised. They say people often use that area as a dumping ground.

"It's a lot of stray dogs around here, a lot...a lot of trash, a lot of tires and just a lot of garbage that's always at the corner," Rembert said.

Investigators say whoever tossed the dogs here probably did it recently.

"We don't think they've been out here very long and they were starting to thaw out a little bit with the sun that was out here, which was probably drawing the attention of the stray dog," said Baird.

APL officials say it is too soon to say whether foul play is involved. But they say even if it’s not, this was not the proper way to dispose of the dogs.

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