Corrections Officer Fired for Releasing Suspect

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Drew Danzy, 18

CLEVELAND – The city corrections officer who mistakenly released a jailed murder suspect after he appeared in court for a traffic warrant has been fired.

Maureen Harper, the Chief of Communications for the City of Cleveland, confirmed Toya Tell-Byrd was terminated on Friday.

Derek Henderson, 23, was shot to death on Nov. 11 on East 93rd Street.

One of the suspects in the murder, Drew Danzy, 18, was accidentally released from jail while facing murder charges.

Danzy was on the run for nearly a month after the murder.

He was caught by U.S. marshals in December and while in custody appeared in court for a traffic warrant.

After the hearing, Tell-Byrd either did not check his name in the computer for holds, or did and misread it, and Danzy was released.

Harper confirmed an administrative hearing was held on Dec. 28, at which Tell-Byrd admitted to using “bad judgement.”