RTA Releases Video Showing Deadly Police Pursuit

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CLEVELAND, Ohio -- New video has been released of the deadly Nov. 29 police chase in Cleveland, and it appears at least 50 cruisers were involved in the pursuit.

The video captured by Regional Transit Authority cameras shows part of the chase that started after an officer at the Justice Center in Cleveland said someone from the suspect's car fired a shot at him.

The cameras were on bus stops on Eddy Road, Superior Avenue, Windermere Street, Belmore Street and East 118th Street.

The chase ended in East Cleveland, where 13 officers fired 137 rounds. The two suspects, Malissa Williams and Timothy Russell, were killed.

Williams' uncle said he is shocked at the number of cruisers involved in the pursuit.

"It was almost like a parade, everybody chasing the cat," said Walter Jackson.

Police department policy states that two cars should be involved in a pursuit, unless there are reasons for more officers to be involved.

Cleveland Police Union President Jeff Follmer said that in this case he believes the officers' actions were justified.

"The officers were acting in good faith on what the officer downtown heard and that there was an active shooter in the car," Follmer said. "We come in numbers."

The case remains under investigation.

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