Backyard Creation Breaks Up Long Winter

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ROCKY RIVER, Ohio -- A Rocky River man and his friends have taken their love of curling to a new level.

They call themselves the "Morewood Parkway Curling Club" and for the past three winters they have been getting together in Sam Gedeon's backyard to play on his homemade curling rink.

"It's an easy game to play, anybody can play it of all ages, it's a lot of fun.  Again, it just breaks up the long winters in Cleveland," said Sam Gedeon, of Rocky River.

Gedeon and his crew have turned his backyard into the ultimate curling rink, complete with a scoreboard and lights to play at night.  Teams wear matching hats, jackets and sweatshirts with the "Morewood Parkway Curling Club" on them.

The curling club starts building the 56 feet by 8 feet curling rink right after Thanksgiving.

"Step by step takes about two to three weekends, couple hours each day.  Next thing we know, we've got 56 feet of fun," said Gedeon.

In case you don't know much about curling, it's sort of like shuffleboard, but on ice.

Players slide heavy granite stones, but in this case, the curling club uses bleach bottles filled with 10 pounds of concrete.

They slide "the rocks" across the ice and use brooms to guide them on the target for points.

"The cold weather months you are stuck inside in Cleveland.  Sam's got his labor of love out here and he invites all of us to participate in and it's nice to get out here on a weeknight or weekend and throw some stones, ya know," said Mike Petras, of Westlake.

Sam and his buddies started the club just a few years ago, and since then it continues to grow every year.

"It's progressed every year.  Last year actually got the real targets from Canada, we actually ordered them for the rink," said Greg Buddie, of Fairview Park.

Sam wanted to especially thank his wife for letting him build a curling rink in the backyard and putting up with all of his curling crew that comes over.

"My wife has been a saint about the whole thing, she's really a good sport, lets me do all this crazy stuff," said Gedeon.

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