Report: For-Profit Nursing Homes Spur Fraud, Abuse

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A newly released report has found for-profit nursing homes may be great for business, but detrimental to the residents they serve, according to Bloomberg.

The report cites a 30 percent increase in claims of fraud, waste, abuse and other problems at the for-profit institutions. That’s compared to approximately 12 percent at non-profit institutions. For-profit facilities fared better financially against non-profits, and treated more patients on Medicare, however Medicare patients are less likely to see that funding at work in their care.

The findings also reportedly found a large increase of patient injuries and deaths in care at for-profit institutions. Claims filed indicate incidents such as putting an 80-year-old woman who could not hold up her head or open her eyes in a standing frame all day, a 92-year-old cancer patient coughing up blood given two hours of physical therapy and a 77-year-old who choked to death after being left unattended.

According to the report, in 2009 nursing homes raked in $1.5 billion in improper charges.

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