Browns Fans Name Coach Choices

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CLEVELAND– A collective sigh went out in northeast Ohio today after the news the Browns are taking a new direction.

Chris Manolis, a die-hard fan said, “I’ve been a season ticket holder for 13 years and I just want a winning product.”  That was pretty much what we heard all day.

“He just wasn`t getting the job done, no fire and no passion.  I would have been happier with Mangini staying,” said John Laich a bartender at the Tilted Kilt in downtown Cleveland.   I like Andy Reid (fired Eagles coach), but with the Joe Banner connection I`ve heard they didn`t get along.  I wouldn`t mind Chip Kelly (current Oregon head coach, NCAA) – because they put a ton of points on the board.”

Browns fans are tired of hanging their heads with another losing season.  5 wins just isn’t cutting it.  Jimmy Haslam spent ONE BILLION dollars on this team and fans are excited about getting a new coach and GM to compliment the new ownership.   Browns fans are savvy.  They know the game, and they know who they want.

Dom Pinto proclaimed, ”I would like to see Lovie Smith – since Chicago fired him – I`d take Lovie Smith, for sure!”

Allison Plante would like to see an Ohio guy come home.  ‘I would love to see John Gruden (from Sandusky) come here.  He’s great coach and he`s a Cleveland guy.  So he would get the fans.”

And Cindy Glencer summed it up for the majority, “I`m hoping for Bill Cowher (current NFL Analyst).  I know that’s tough for some Browns fans to hear since he’s a Pittsburgh guy, but I’ll take him!”  Cindy isn’t alone.  Many fans are hoping the legendary Pittsburgh Steelers coach kicks retirement to the curb and puts on his orange and brown and gives us the fire only he can bring.  Cowher played for the Browns and coached here as well.  Many insiders say, rub a lamp Cleveland.  Cowher loves his TV gig too much.

Many people taking to social media after word of the firings came down Monday morning.

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