Snow Means Work for Some, Fun for Others

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CLEVELAND — Mother Nature gives us another reminder that it is winter. A few inches of new snow blanketed Northeast Ohio Saturday.  For some, the weekend weather meant work.  For others, it meant fun.  

There was enough snow that for many, like Rocky River resident Jared Wesley, it first meant clearing the driveway.  

“I definitely don’t mind using the snow blower.  I prefer to get out and shovel, but that makes it a lot quicker.  So, if I need to get going that’s the way to go,” Wesley said. 

His neighbor, Josh Eiskamp, had help from his daughter, who did her own share of shoveling.  Neither minded being out in the snow. 

“We just soak it up when we get it and enjoy it for the New Year. So, it’s really just part of the time of year.  We like the season changes, so we’ll take it when we get it,” Eiskamp added. 

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For ODOT, the big job was keeping ahead on the snowfall.  Seventy snow plows took to the roadways in Cuyahoga, Lake and Geauga counties for an around-the-clock rotation.

Motorists found mainly wet pavement.  ODOT spokesperson Jocelynn Clemings reminded drivers sometimes that can be deceiving. 

“In some areas, you may see some slushy or snow-covered pavement.  So, your conditions are going to change minute by minute and mile by mile.  So be aware of that and certainly areas that look wet may be icy, so slow it down.  Take your time and we’ll all get where we need to go,” she said. 

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For some it had nothing to do with the work that had to be done related to the snow, but the fun to be had.

Linden Park in Rocky River proved to be the perfect place to enjoy the snow, particularly for the Cuevas family.

“I think it is very fun.  I love to play in it and the most favorite part about it is going sledding,” Noah Cuevas said. 

His sister, Anna, enjoyed sledding, too. 

“Get to go down really fast.  I’ll be coming back again,” she added.