Woman Fights Intruder with Toys, Brick

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AKRON, Ohio -- A burglar gets more than he bargained for when he breaks into a woman's home.  He attacks her, but the woman fights back.

"He used the pillows from behind me to hold down on me and I was like this, so he couldn't really do nothing, but then I let go to put my hands up for me to grab his wrists and then we tussled and that's how we both got on the floor like this, and that's when I was on top of him then, and I was doing his head like that," explained Robsheata Martin, 22, as she acted out the drama.

Martin relived the moments when she woke up early Friday morning to find a stranger in her Akron home.  She says he broke through a front window while she was sleeping on the couch.

"He got this green chair and he sat in it and he watched me lay there," she said.

Martin says she felt someone was in the house, but she thought it was her boyfriend, Thomas Dotson, until the stranger started to punch and kick her.

"I wasn't gonna be the one to lose, it just clicked in my head that I have to do something now, I have to think fast, I have three kids that need they mother," said Martin.

Martin fought back.

"I seen this bike, my daughter's pink bike, and it was the closest thing for me to grab while I was laying on the floor, so while he was still down, I jumped up and was hitting him with the bike and then he got up," she said.

Martin says she threw a few of her children's toys and some punches until she could get her attacker off.

"I picked the brick up and threw it at him at his back, like right at the center of his back and he dropped, and once I seen him fell, I figured he can't attack me no more.  I took off running and called 911," she explained.

Martin says she has seen the man in her neighborhood before.  She is not sure whether he was trying to rob or rape her, but says she will be more aware and alert.

"I might look like I'm a little, big strong Hercules woman ... I'm big and I don't care, anybody that step to me and try and hurt me, I'm doing the best I can to hurt you back," she added.

Martin had some minor injuries, but did not need to go to the hospital.  Police are still looking for the intruder.