Medina Officers Accept New Responsibility

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MEDINA, Ohio -- Police officers in Medina will soon be armed with more than guns in order to save lives during a mass shooting.

"If we never use this I will be a happy man.  But if we need it we better be ready to take care of business," Medina Police Chief Patrick Beraducci said.

No, it is not a new weapon, but rather it is to treat injuries caused by weapons.

Medina police will soon be able to provide emergency medical treatment for shooting or stabbing victims while they wait for paramedics.

They will be issued trauma treatment kits which contain things like Quick Clot to stop bleeding in gunshot or stab wounds, tourniquets to stop bleeding, gauze and other medical supplies.

"We know in that situation it's going to be us because the medical responders don't come in," Beraducci said.

For example, in the Colorado movie theater shooting, many of the injured victims were transported to the hospital by officers in police cars because not enough ambulances were at the scene.

Police officers inside the theater with victims were unable to treat them.

Beraducci said officers already have small trauma packs so they can treat themselves if they are injured.

Now they will be able to treat six or seven others.

"To my knowledge, it's not been done here in our area, and it's not been done anywhere in the state," Beraducci said.

The officers will also undergo a two day training course on treating trauma patients.