Family Pleas for Return of Mausoleum Doors

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NORWALK, Ohio -- A reward is being offered for information leading to two bronze doors stolen from a family’s mausoleum this week.

Family members were called on Wednesday and told the two seven-foot doors were missing from the tomb at St. Paul Catholic Cemetery located on S. West Street.

“They were bronze and had an iron cross on the front of them and a little decoration with the window behind them,” said a relative who asked not to be identified.

The doors had been on the tomb since 1937 and were extremely sentimental to the family.

Buried inside the mausoleum is the man's great-grandmother, Emma Theobald, and his great-grandfather, Clement Kramer.

Clement was a Norwalk firefighter in the late 1800s and he lived inside the original firehouse, caring for the horses.

His daughter, Violetta Catalano, was born there.

She is the man’s grandmother and she is also buried inside the vandalized tomb.

He said, “As a boy from 5-years-old, I’d come here with my grandmother and help her trim bushes and clean up, so for 50 years I was always here with her.”

The cemetery was always a peaceful special place for the family. Over the past decade the man and his wife would place wreaths on the bronze doors.

He fears that someone will try to sell the doors for scrap metal but he says they are only worth about $75 or less as scrap.

He said, “It’s just foolishness because they’re going to cash the doors in for scrap and they’re invaluable as scrap. They’re part of the tomb. That’s the real value.”

The family is offering a $500 reward for the doors.

They are hoping someone will have seen the doors and will call the police, or the person can drop them off at the cemetery, or church, and return them -- no questions asked.

The family says they won’t prosecute the person or persons who took the doors if they get the doors back.

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