Some Snow Parking Bans Still in Effect

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CLEVELAND -- The City of Cleveland shifted its focus from clearing the main roads to the streets in the residential neighborhoods.

Now that the first major snowstorm to hit northeast Ohio this winter is pretty much gone, it's time to clean up the mess Mother Nature left behind.

On Thursday, snows plows could be seen driving around clearing secondary and residential roads. The storm dumped more than five inches on northeast Ohio, so many people were digging out their driveways and sidewalks using shovels and snow blowers.

"This is what I do around here, I do two or three houses around here so you get pretty used to it," said Robert Glenn of Cleveland.

However, like most people, they would prefer to not be outside shoveling snow.

"No, not really.  I was actually enjoying sitting inside a nice, warm room of mine but gotta do chores, right?" said Montorian Priah of Cleveland.

Some people say since we didn't get much snow last year they were just waiting to get hit and were ready for the clean-up.

Nick Vertosnik has been a snow plow operator for ten years so the snowstorm is keeping him busy ... compared to last winter.

"Busy, snow is a little wetter, heavier to push, but it's going good.  No snow, I couldn't push nothing last year but that was about it," said Vertosnick.  

"I'm grateful, you know, a lot of people walk and cross streets and they get icy and it's real hard to get across so I'm grateful they are doing their job," said Tony Szumckyj of Cleveland.

Starting at 6 p.m. Thursday, Cleveland lifted the parking ban for the streets marked with red and white snow emergency signs.

However, other areas still had parking bans in effect.






Canal Fulton

Cuyahoga Falls







Rocky River

Seven Hills

Sheffield Lake




Brunswick Hills

Huron County

Portage County

Wayne County


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