Wanted Rapper Makes Song ‘On The Run’

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EAST CLEVELAND, Ohio – Amateur rapper Anthony Willis, who goes by the name 'EC Face,' sang about what he knows: being a wanted fugitive on the run.

"He thought at the time it was a good idea to create this video," Brian Fitzgibbon with the U.S. Marshals Service in Cleveland said

Fitzgibbon said Willis was one of their most wanted violent fugitives when his video “On The Run,” was posted to YouTube.com in November.

U.S. Marshals said they arrested Willis Wednesday morning at a home on E. 133rd St. They said he was hiding in the basement under some debris.

On the video Willis sings, "Will I make it to the top or get killed by a cop? One thing for sure, I just can't stop."

Willis was wanted for allegedly shooting a person nine times in June. The victim survived. Willis was also wanted for a prior felony assault charge, Fitzgibbon said.

"He knew that he was doing a good job in his eyes of eluding capture because for six months we didn't know where he was," Fitzgibbon said.

In the video, Willis is seen smoking what appears to be weed, there is a gun in the video and two small children.

And yes, what you post on the internet can be used against you in a court of law.

"All that has been turned over for the prosecutor's officer for further prosecution," Fitzgibbon said, adding others in the video could face charges as well for aiding a fugitive.

Children’s Services was notified as well.