Man Faces Charge of Murder of Alleged Girlfriend

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Adam Grimes (Photo Credit: Lorain County Sheriff's Office)

EATON TOWNSHIP, Ohio — Lorain County sheriff’s deputies arrested an Eaton Township man on a charge of aggravated murder after discovering the body of a woman in his home on Route 83 on Tuesday night.

The sheriff’s department had been alerted by a friend of the accused killer who told a 911 dispatcher, “I’m just calling you guys to give you a heads up that I heard my friend just strangled his girlfriend because he was mad at her.”        

Autopsy results are pending but investigators say 29-year-old Melanie Hruby, the mother of a 4-year-old boy, suffered “obvious signs of blunt trauma”.            

Arrested for the murder of Melanie Hruby is Adam Grimes, 25. Grimes described himself as Hruby’s boyfriend, but her family says he was a former friend who was not on good terms with the victim. The victim’s cousin told Fox 8, “There are no words for what he’s done, I don’t know why he would choose to take her life or take her away from her family, away from her child. I don’t know what could possess him to want to hurt her in that way, I don’t know what she could have ever done to him or why he felt that violence was the answer.”       

Relatives are not sure why Melanie Hruby was at Adam Grimes’ home on Tuesday night because according to them, she was afraid of Grimes, as a result of previous threats he had made on her life.            

During Grimes’ arraignment in Elyria Municipal Court a prosecutor told the judge, “The defendant has a lengthy criminal history. Charges include property crimes, breaking and entering, menacing, assault, resisting arrest.”

Friends say many of Grimes’ previous crimes are related to problems with substance abuse.       

The family of Melanie Hruby is now making arrangements for her funeral and trying to decide how to tell her son Brandon that his mom is not coming home.

The victim’s cousin told Fox 8, “I don’t even know how Brandon is going to handle it, he adores his mother, she was the center of his world.”

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